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S .T. Chen – The Painter
I started to draw when I was a 3rd grader, and pencil was the media for me. My drawing subject was those ancient knights from the movie screens. When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my father showed me his Chinese brush and ink skill. He painted a Chinese carp, and another one was Chinese Sham – Shui with an old man looking to the mountains and the streams. He was not an artist, but a young air-force pilot during WW-II! From there on, I started to draw.
It is from my college years until 1992, I devoted most of my time in practicing architecture and engineering, involving building design as well as airport planning , from conceptual to the completion stage, I always made the presentation drawings, whether in the United States, Taiwan or China. Until those works were gradually replaced by the computer CAD.
It was about 1991, my wife wanted an oil painting from me for her birthday gift, which makes me to start my oil and brush. It is a great feeling indeed.
For advancing my skill, I started to collecting books and publications about the masters’ lives as well as their works, and to learn how they visualized their surroundings, and used their canvas to create those images for their viewers. Since I have had that sense, whenever I finish a painting, I do have the joy of the accomplishment.
Among the painting world, I especially in favor of REALISM, since the Victorian Period in England, about the Chin Dynasty in China, already reached the peak in painting. And the trend will continue to grow, and it will follow the world’s progress to reflecting our beautiful life, which it will never be replaced by the modern camera. Therefore, I will be keeping the pace with my brush and my canvas.

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